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Hepatitis c Alternative treaments
I contracted Hepatitis C in 1979 from 4 blood transfusions

A liver biopsy in 1994 revealed Chronic Hepatitis C. After Cancer, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy and now Hep C, my liver was in bad shape. The medical establishment advised me to get my papers in order and expect to live another 3 to 5 years, and hope that something would come along to help.

Over 9 years later I have been Hepatitis C Free for over 6 1/2 years, no detectable virus in my body.

Triumph Over Hepatitis C is a graphic, turbo charged saga, depicting actual events in my life as I struggled with the menace, Hep C.   Including: The Remedy, The Option of Alternative Medicine that saved my life.  Now with the dosage information and extended commentary by medical doctors and Ph.Ds


Meet Lloyd  Wright, Hepatitis C Survivor, Researcher and Author:

I  have an extraordinary love for life...  When a battery of MDs advised me of the bleak path's Hepatitis C could take, I concluded, "I'm not  finished yet!".

If you want to live well, read the Hepatitis Information I have provided in Triumph Over Hepatitis C, my book which describes how alternative medicine saved my life!

Product information and ordering are combined to reduce confusion.  Inside our pharmacy you can learn how NatCell Thymus,™ (live cell thymus), Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Licorice Root,  and Reishi Mushroom along with a whole synergy of Herbs, supplements and foods can change the course of the Hepatitis C virus and help prevent primary Liver Cancer (Hepatocellular Carcinoma), a complication of Hepatitis C.

Because I spent so much time and money acquiring the knowledge, and far too much money purchasing the products, I found all the supplements I used against Hepatitis C at this
Shop at reasonable prices.

You  must take charge and assume responsibility for your health!

Triumph  Over Hepatitis C includes:

  • What it is
  • Misconceptions about the disease.
  • Approximately how many people have it.
  • Provides the Hepatitis C cure that has healed me and others.
  • Exposing the ignorance and arrogance of the medical industry.
  • How to regenerate your Liver with Natcell Thymus, Milk Thistle, and other Herbs.

Hepatitis C Books
by Lloyd Wright


Hepatitis C is considered an epidemic by the World Health Organization, (WHO) Hepatitis C is the most prevalent liver disease in the world, affecting more than 170 million individuals worldwide.     This is A Program For Living  utilizing Frozen Peptides and Stem Cells,  Supplements and Herbs,  Promising New Supplements,  Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid &  A Healthy Lifestyle from     Best Selling Author Lloyd Wright tells you how you can treat  Fibrosis, Cirrhosis, Varices, Ascites & Liver Cancer Successfully and Live Well

Published August 2011

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140 pages paperback

This Program For Living utilizing Frozen Peptides and Stem Cells,  Supplements and Herbs,  Promising New Supplements,  Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid &  A Healthy Lifestyle from Best Selling Author Lloyd Wright tells you how you can treat  Fibrosis, Cirrhosis, Varices, Ascites & Liver Cancer Successfully and Live Well

It is not our intention or purpose to replace the service of a physician, nor is it our purpose to guarantee any medical or nutritional preparation or the effectiveness thereof. The information on this website is not presented with the intention of diagnosing or prescribing Hepatitis C. It is intended to help those who wish to cooperate with their physician in a mutual desire to build and maintain health. We believe that in the event someone with Hepatitis C uses this information without his or her doctor's approval, doing this for him or herself, he or she is only exercising their constitutional right to pursue happiness. Therefore, the author, editors and publishers assume no responsibility


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